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5 reasons why a bespoke Minibus (no D1 required) from Advanced KFS is best


5 reasons why a bespoke Minibus (no D1 required) from Advanced KFS is best

Here at Advanced KFS Special Vehicles, we pride ourselves on creating high quality minibus conversions that can be driven without a D1 licence for a variety of sectors, all built without compromise.

Our 30 years’ of experience in the industry tells us that, when it comes to finding the right special vehicle for your unique business needs, investing in bespoke is always best.

Here are 5 reasons why bespoke is best:

A solution perfectly suited to your exact needs: your business is unique. And your needs from a minibus? Just as distinctive. Choosing a bespoke minibus conversion will ensure your vehicle suits your exact needs, meaning you don’t ever have to compromise or adapt.

Saves you time & money in the long run: unlike ready-made vehicles which you’ll need to adapt over time – whether adding a ramp or removing a seat to make space for a wheelchair – a bespoke minibus conversion is built with your needs in mind; alleviating the need to send your vehicle away for costly small changes, and ensuring you’re on the road for as long as possible.

Longer lifespan: with a vehicle perfectly suited to your business needs, it’s far more likely to last a lot longer, with less need to upgrade, adapt or purchase a new vehicle after a few years.

Quality assured: when a vehicle is custom-made, you know it’s been built with the highest-quality parts available, and by a team you can trust; your own, unique minibus, built without compromise.

Built on your choice of chassis: choosing a bespoke minibus means you can choose which chassis your minibus is built on. So if you prefer a Mercedes, Fiat, VW or Ford you can have one!

In short, although choosing to purchase a bespoke vehicle may feel more expensive in the short term, bespoke vehicles actually save you a lot of time and money in the long term; providing you with a quality assured solution that will perfectly fulfill your business needs for years to come.

If you’d like to discuss your bespoke minibus conversion or anything mentioned above, please talk to us today.

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