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Construction vehicles and machinery


Construction vehicles and machinery

When it comes to the complex landscape of the well-known construction site, construction vehicles and machinery should always work in perfect harmony to create a safe, productive working environment and neither is more important than the other.

However, construction vehicles carry arguably more safety regulations and responsibilities than construction machinery; invest in the wrong type of vehicle or choose a vehicle of lesser quality, and a variety of ongoing and long term issues can arise.

Construction vehicles and machinery

Specialist vehicles used to aid the often demanding physical work undertaken on building sites, construction vehicles must always adhere to the strict health & safety regulations associated with the industry; allowing for the quick release of the driver in an emergency, and enabling the driver to have full view of the vehicle both inside and out to name but a few.

However, vehicles for the construction industry are more than simply transport vehicles or crew buses. Often, construction vehicles are versatile vehicles that not only transport workers between construction sites but also carry machinery and other vehicles on & off site as well as performing specific and specialist tasks.

When are construction vehicles and machinery most effective?

Construction vehicles and machinery are most effective when:

  • Any conversions made are of a high quality
  • They contain bespoke conversions & parts to suit unique requirements
  • They’re versatile and can help drivers & operators perform multiple tasks

What construction vehicles are available?

There are lots of vehicles available for the construction industry, and lots of different options available to you, depending on what you need.

Advanced KFS offer a range of vehicles suitable for the construction industry, each offered with standard & optional features and bespoke offerings, such as:

For more information about our construction vehicles or to discuss anything mentioned above, please contact us today.

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