Isuzu Grafter Green Car Transporter

The 3.5 tonne Isuzu Grafter Green Car Transporter offers impeccable performance and a superior driving experience to any industry vehicle that has come before it; introducing innovative technology previously unseen in the field to improve both power and torque, whilst enabling a vast reduction in CO2 emissions and allowing for a more fuel efficient engine. Plus it does not require AdBlue.

What’s more, the impressively agile and innovative Grafter Green Car Transporter is surprisingly lightweight, providing outstanding payload capacity.

Available exclusively from Cartwright Fleet Management

Car & Motorcycle Transport/Recovery Car & Motorcycle Transport/Recovery

Why choose the ISUZU Grafter Green Car Transporter?

A surprisingly lightweight alternative to the recovery vehicle market, the innovative Grafter Car Transporter offers exceptional driving performance and fuel efficiency, without compromising either power or torque.


kerb weight

Car & Motorcycle Transport/Recovery

Bespoke 2440mm (8ft) bi-fold ramps (purpose-built to optimise loading angle)

Car & Motorcycle Transport/Recovery

Unique ramp retaining system

Car & Motorcycle Transport/Recovery

OEM used throughout

Car & Motorcycle Transport/Recovery

Wheelbase of 3440mm

Car & Motorcycle Transport/Recovery

Standard features include

  • Bespoke 2440mm (8ft) bi-fold ramps (purpose-built to optimise loading angle)
  • Unique ramp retaining system
  • OEM used throughout
  • Wheelbase of 3440mm

What brands do Advanced KFS work with?

To provide you with the highest quality conversions, built upon the most durable and reliable chassis available, Advanced KFS work with a range of different vehicle brands to find the most appropriate solution to fulfil your needs, such as:

  • Citroen
  • Fiat
  • Peugeot
  • Volkswagen

If you require a specific brand of chassis, please Talk to us

Car & Motorcycle Transport/Recovery