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Drop & Go® Urban

The Drop & Go® Urban is now an addition to the standard Drop & Go® with the narrower body while maintaining the high payload the Drop & Go® offers. Designed in collaboration with a traffic management company to overcome the problems of access through narrow city streets.

During 2019 we engaged with a reputable Traffic Management company to come up with a revised design of the Drop & Go® to combat the narrow streets and width restrictions in our City Centres especially in London where TM companies are being issued fines while going about their business.

Between us we came up with a concept that would work for the industry while retaining the original design of the Drop & Go®.  The Drop & Go® Urban variant has a narrower body while maintaining the high payload the Drop & Go® offers.

The Drop & Go® Urban is now an addition to the standard Drop & Go® Low Floor Traffic Management Vehicle and comes with our rear spring assisted tail gate with the option of the Hinged LP13 that was launched by AKFS on the Drop & Go® in 2019.


Traffic Management Traffic Management Construction Construction

The Drop & Go® Urban are the perfect TM vehicle for reducing the risk of working at heights and for high speed works, but whilst overcoming the restrictions due to the body widths.

These vehicles will be working on heavily congested urban roads and high speed environments but they can now also be used on narrow country lanes where the original version was limited.

2200 kg

kerb weight

Designed to optimise carrying capacity whilst working in the narrow lanes and streets ...


Spring assisted tail gate


Closed flat deck


Drop side for access


Narrow body width


Standard features include:

  • Low 550mm bed height for easy and safe step on and off
  • Body width of 1960mm (internal), 2170mm (external) – 2210mm (protection rail external)
  • High payload
  • Aluminium wheel storage boxes to rear frames
  • Floor of aluminium extruded planing containing ribbed finish for grip
  • 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight (4.5 tonnes & 5 tonnes also available)
  • Type approved chassis conversion (3600mm to 4200mm bed lengths)
  • Proven design
  • 700mm LED light bar Amber LED flashers at rear (4)
  • Amber LED flashers grille mounted (2)
  • Audible reversing alarm Reversing camera Work lights (2)
  • Chapter 8 Pack: Rear Chevrons 70mm ‘HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE’ Text / Amber tape on sides / Red tape to door and dropside edges (also available bilingual)

Optional features include:

  • Multiple cameras
  • Additional telescopic handrails
  • Work lights
  • LP13 mini light arrow
  • Strobe lights
  • Additional amber beacons
  • Tailgate
  • Kerb side loading ramp
  • Tow bar with 7 or 13 pin electrics
  • LP13 Mini Light Arrow Board (fixed or hinged)
  • Additional Cameras DVR camera recording facility

What brands do Advanced KFS work with?

To provide you with the highest quality conversions, built upon the most durable and reliable chassis available, Advanced KFS work with a range of different vehicle brands to find the most appropriate solution to fulfil your needs, such as:

  • Citroen
  • Fiat
  • Peugeot
  • Renault (diesel & electric)
  • VW (diesel & electric)

If you require a specific brand of chassis, please talk to us