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Advanced KFS supply 3 beavertails to The Landscape Group


Advanced KFS supply 3 beavertails to The Landscape Group

The vehicles based on front wheel drive 3.5 ton transits have a kerb weight of 1,788kg with the spare wheel fitted. Once fully fuelled and with a driver on board the vehicles offer an amazing 1,320kg of carrying capacity.

A unique GRP mesh for the tailgate surface

The Landscape Group who already operate Advanced KFS vehicles to move their larger triple mowers, have a growing number of contracts which require the delivery to site of ride on machines weighing circa 1,300kg, and had always struggled to achieve the necessary payload on a standard chassis cab with a useable beavertail body fitted.

Advanced KFS were approached, and using their in house expertise, not only came up with a body which delivered the required payload, but also had the added benefits of a full width slip resistant tailgate, working at height barriers, and a ribbed aluminium deck for additional grip when loading and unloading machinery.

Attention to detail was key to the success of the design. The use of aluminium for weight saving in the body construction, and tailgate frame, while sourcing a unique GRP mesh for the tailgate surface, to ensure maximum grip for both machinery and operatives.

With the shortage of Transit stock during the first half of 2014, due to the introduction of the all new model range, Advanced KFS have ensured the body design can be fitted to all mainstream chassis cabs with The Landscape Group themselves looking at alternative base vehicles.

Two of the three vehicles are already in service and proving extremely popular, while the third is waiting to be handed over and commission.


Please note that the specification & payloads of vehicles may change over time. Check before placing an order.

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