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AVT Logistics Fleet Addition


AVT Logistics Fleet Addition

AVT Logistics Ltd have taken delivery of their 10th 3.5 ton car transporter from KFS Special Vehicles taking their fleet of trucks up to 16 vehicles, which are used for delivering cars for dealers all over the country. The company has seen year on year growth for the last 3 years and finds their professional approach to not just delivering a vehicle but the whole process of handover to the customer is proving a winning formula.

The Fiat based KFS Ultra is the perfect tool for dealer transfer work as well as final delivery due to its market leading payload and low whole life costs. AVT have KFS built vehicles which have covered in excess of 300,000 miles with nothing other than scheduled servicing being carried out to them.

William Beech (Managing Director) commented: The KFS Ultra is not the cheapest 3.5 ton car transporter on the market but we have tried others and found we have had to carry out repairs to the body work when they are as little as 6 months old. With VOSA particularly hot on vehicles of this type when it comes to road side checks, I know I can carry a far greater range of cars on the Ultra than the standard chassis cab based trucks I have.

The beauty of the Ultra is the fact I know even with 300,000 plus miles on the clock there is still a second market for the vehicle and therefore what some may see as a premium price at the front end pays dividends over the life of the truck and when it comes to selling them on when they are due for replacement.

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