Car Transporter to carry EV’s & PHEV’s


Car Transporter to carry EV’s & PHEV’s

There has been a noticeable change occurring in the type of vehicle many of the new car delivery and fleet transport companies require. The days of insisting upon the lightest possible vehicle are coming to an end for some, and serious considerations are now being placed towards vehicles with a much greater carrying capacity. With greater payload capacities comes greater Gross Vehicle Weights, this is a cost however most are happy to accept.

The march of the Electric Vehicle and Plug-in Hybrid/Electric Vehicle has been gathering pace, with more and more EVs and PHEVs being sold through the dealerships to private individuals. Companies like Cazoo, Carzam & Rockar are changing customers’ expectations in this market by offering an online purchase followed by a home delivery, becoming the norm.

covered car transporter front

Likewise, many of these types of Electric or PHEV vehicles are being purchased by company car drivers due to their inviting benefit in kind tax relief allowed by HM Government.

AKFS Ltd has long been a leader of Car Transporter engineering here in the UK. The Ultra® Car Transporter has an enviable reputation within the “lightweight” 3500kg GVW market sector.

The Ultra® Car Transporter has continued to be the benchmark that all other 3500kg Car Transporters have been measured against. No other vehicle can claim to have the same or a better payload, driving characteristics, build quality or resale residual value.

New cars purchased means new cars need to be transported and delivered, and here lies the conundrum for many transportation companies. A Nissan Leaf for example has a kerb weight of 1580kg to 1731kg, a Model 3 Tesla’s kerb weight ranges from 1611kg through to 1847kg and a Porsche Taycan hits the scales at 2215kg to 2380kg. Obviously, for a 3500kg GVW Car Transporter, none of these vehicles can be transported on UK roads legally.

Step forward the Car Transporter for EV’s from AKFS – built upon the outstanding Iveco Daily Chassis Cab. This AKFS Car Transporter has been specifically designed to be built upon the 5000kg, 6000kg, and 7200kg GVW chassis of the Daily range of vehicles. In addition to the range of GVW’s the Iveco Daily also offers an extended wheelbase of 4750mm or 5100mm to provide an even load distribution and rear air suspension to assist with the loading and off-loading.

7.2kg car transporter for EV's

The design brief consisted of maximum payload, robust build, ease of operation and, when empty of load, driving comfort to the operator. The AKFS Car Transporter can boast all of these attributes and then some!

Our test build was based upon the 7200kg GVW Iveco Daily, 210HP engine and auto-box. Once completed, the test vehicle returned a very healthy 3600kg of payload. Extremely easy to use in operation and drove without fault both loaded and unloaded. Overall load distribution was maintained; we were unable to overload either the front or rear axle in testing.

In addition to the outstanding payload of the Car Transporter, when built upon the Iveco Daily Chassis Cab, the Train Weight is maintained at 3500kg; having the combination of Train Weight and payload offers the operator of the Car Transporter the ability to transport two Model X Tesla’s (kerb weight of 2510kg each) simultaneously if required. We believe the AKFS EV Car Transporter is without doubt a future market leader in the race to transport EVs and PHEVs safely, securely and above all, legally.

For more information about the AKFS EV Car Transporter, or any of our range of Car Transporters, contact us today on 01246 250022


7.2kg Iveco Car Transporter with rear air suspension

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