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The safe way to transport a lawn tractor


The safe way to transport a lawn tractor

You will have seen them, you probably don’t know what they are called, but we’re pretty sure, you will have seen them around. We are of course referring to our Plant & Go® range of grounds maintenance vehicles.

Transporting a lawn tractor

The Plant & Go® is somewhat distinctive, in fact, there’s no other vehicle quite like it. Much like its sister vehicle, the Load & Go®, the Plant & Go® was designed and built with the end-user in mind. When designing the Plant & Go® vehicle, the AKFS design team quickly realised the challenges that many modern-day grounds maintenance and commercial lawn care specialists encountered regularly. The AKFS vehicle designs go a significant way in irradicating those challenges and have proven over time to increase operational efficiency and improve upon operator Health & Safety practices.

Both the Load & Go® and the Plant & Go® vehicles have been designed at their core to carry commercial and specialist lawn mowers, complete with cutting decks with absolute ease; as well as, all of the additional equipment a busy grounds maintenance team would require on a daily basis.

Each vehicle type is completely bespoke to the end-users requirements and can be built as such. Standard equipment includes a lightweight slip-resistant floor, operative handles, and a one-piece fall arrest rail to each side. Optional extras include – mesh sides, raised storage pods, spring assisted tailgates, floor-mounted tool vaults, and even remote control winches.

Both types of vehicles are built upon base chassis’ with a Gross Vehicle Weight no greater than 3500kg; they can be driven by anybody over the age of 18 that has a standard UK full driving license, and as a trailer is now not required, nor does the driver have to hold a trailer license. Although based on vehicles of 3500kg GVW, each design returns a payload generous enough for the job at hand, and being a single-vehicle with no trailer attached, they are extremely maneuverable and very easy to drive, loaded or otherwise.

The AKFS Plant & Go® vehicle concept can be built upon the Back to Back cabs supplied by Fiat, in the form of the Ducato platform, the Citroen Relay, or the Peugeot Boxer. Al-Ko Vehicle Technologies of Southam, Warwickshire supply and fit their ever-popular chassis conversion and once complete, the vehicle is transported to one of the AKFS factories for the final build process.

A key benefit of the Al-Ko Vehicle Technology conversion is the starting height of the main, and cross members. This low floor height allows the Plant & Go® to be truly unique compared to traditional chassis cab vehicles that are readily available to the commercial buyer.

No other vehicle can boast of an open design with a floor height as low as the Plant & Go®. This low floor conversion allows the end-user to load, and unload easier, safer, and quicker compared to a conventional chassis cab vehicle that may utilise a tail lift. Access to is now a step-on or step-off with this low floor design.

Each Fiat, Citroen, and Peugeot Plant & Go® vehicle is fully Type Approved upon completion and conforms to the European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval standards. Every Back to Back cab is backed by a three-year manufacturer warranty, a separate Al-Ko Vehicle Technology guarantee, and our extensive commitment to the final build.

Our Load & Go® design takes a specific wheelbase chassis cab vehicle and turns it into a very capable Grounds Maintenance vehicle prized by many for its ease of use, simple design, and almost bullet-proof build quality.

Renault Accredited Grounds maintenance vehicle

Based primarily upon the Renault Master range of chassis cabs, the AKFS Load & Go® has an aluminium bulkhead, aluminium dropsides, a one-piece fall arrest rail to each vehicle side, and a spring-assisted aluminium/GRP mesh tailgate all as standard. LED side marker lights and OEM stop, tail, indicator rear lights complete the standard options for electrics.

Each Renault Master Load & Go® is built upon the ML35, FWD, 3500kg GVW variant of the chassis cab. Once again, just like our Plant & Go® vehicles, the Load & Go® build conforms to the European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval process and is fully Type Approved by AKFS.

At the time of publication, the AKFS Load & Go® comes complete with a standard Renault 100,000-mile/three-year warranty on the base Renault Masters, while the quality of the conversion is illustrated through AKFS matching the manufacturer’s cover.

As a Renault Approved Converter, AKFS is committed to our Built Without Compromise ethos; from vehicle design, through to production, and onward delivery to end-user. Our commitment to you, the customer is guaranteed.

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