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Advanced KFS crosses the Indian Ocean with Drop & Go


Advanced KFS crosses the Indian Ocean with Drop & Go

Drop & Go for company

Here at Advanced KFS, we passionately believe in simply providing the highest quality special vehicles available to the market to any business in need, anywhere, which has often seen us deliver our vehicles to businesses and individual professionals across the UK & Europe.

Delivering to the other side of the world

Drop & Go from aboveRecently, though, we had the pleasure of delivering a wonderful example of our Drop & Go as far away as New Zealand!

We’re delighted to have delivered one of our unique vehicles to the other side of the world, and are very pleased to report that the customer in question, who took delivery of the vehicle a matter of weeks ago, is overjoyed with his purchase; choosing to add his own graphics, lights, and storage areas to the vehicle over the coming months.

Drop & go with traffic cones


Creating waves in Australia

Since delivering our Drop & Go to its new owner in New Zealand, we have received a large amount of interest from many other businesses in that part of the world, and will soon complete 2 new vehicles for purchasers in Australia.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved for making this all possible, and launch Advanced KFS as a truly global brand.

If you’re interested in our Drop & Go or any of the vehicles across our website, please contact us today.

Drop & Go rear

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