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How to build a recovery truck body


How to build a recovery truck body

If you’re wondering how to build a recovery truck body, you’ve started building a recovery truck body and you’re unsure how to finish it or if you simply wonder how we build our own recovery vehicle conversions, this guide will provide you with some handy hints and advice around how best to complete your project.

How to build a recovery truck body

When exploring a concept of how to build a recovery truck body, there are lots of different things to consider before you even think about getting your hands dirty in the workshop or ordering parts.

Before you do anything, we recommend you first establish:

  • The weight of the vehicle (with and without load)
  • Storage & capacity
  • What kinds of vehicles a truck is likely to recover
  • Versatility of the bed

There are lots of different types of recovery vehicle available – from beavertail to an enclosed vehicle transporter – and, depending on the answer to these few crucial questions, you’ll know what kind of recovery truck to build.

Getting the basics right

Once you’ve established what kind of recovery truck you’re going to build, it’s time to consider the basics; equipment.

Building a recovery truck body isn’t easy, and if you don’t have the right equipment; including a well-stocked and spacious workshop where you can tinker until your heart’s content.

Experience & quality

Of course, having the right equipment doesn’t mean you’ll get the build right first time.

Having the relevant experience is a huge factor in being able to competently, successfully build a recovery truck body. Building a recovery truck, particularly if it’s something you’ve never done before, is difficult, and not a project for the faint hearted.

If you want a professional, high quality and reliable recovery truck, it’s always best to call in a team of highly experienced special vehicle conversion experts – such as a team at Advanced KFS, who do this kind of thing every day!

To browse our range of recovery vehicles, click here, or to discuss anything detailed above, please contact us today.

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