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Joining the Recovery Industry professionals at the annual Tow Show, at the Telford International Exhibition Centre (29/30th September), Advanced KFS enjoyed a return to ‘live’ events, proudly displaying their latest vehicles; The Ultra® Recovery Vehicle and the Ultra® Transport with Motorcycle Carrier, along with a 7.2t Iveco Beavertail Car Transporter, and receiving numerous enquiries and interest in all three trucks.

“It’s always a great opportunity to catch up with customers new and old, and have the opportunity to explain directly what we feel makes our designs a little bit different, especially with innovative ideas such as the Ultra® Recovery Transporter” said AKFS Group Sales Manager Phil Simcox.

Many attendees took the time to visit the AKFS stand to check out these new-for-2021 designs, and understood how the Ultra® Recovery provided a clever, practical and cost-effective solution to Motorcycle and Car recovery.

With a raised bed to make loading damaged or undriveable cars easier to load, and featuring a stainless steel covered beavertail, storage areas for wooden blocks, a special heavy duty locker for trolley jacks and straps, and most interestingly a centrally located Motorcycle carrier system, the Ultra® Recovery Transporter can easily switch from cars to motorcycles and back, making a versatile solution for recovery professionals.

“We worked closely with our customers LJ Transportation to get their input as industry experts. Combining this with our own 35 years of experience, we designed a solution which has proven to be easy to use, even for less experienced operatives. Like all good ideas, it saves time and crucially money, and is a safe and straightforward solution for recovery specialists” added AKFS Product Specialist Simon Hill.

Recently we were commissioned to convert a standard panel van to a motorcycle transporter, so using an AKFS designed interior we added the our bespoke Motorcycle Ramp, this quick and easy system slides out for loading, and is then simply winched into the vehicle with a lightweight system, a slick and simple solution.

motorcycle carrier van

AKFS also showcased the Ultra® Car Transporter with Motorcycle Carrier, a design adapted more for the transport industry, focussing on a similar design for the Motorcycle Carrier, but with maximum possible payload – over 1,500kgs including driver and fuel.

The largest vehicle on the AKFS stand was the Iveco Daily Beavertail Car Transporter – an ideal solution to the increasing popularity of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles – giving over 4,000kgs of payload and with a high-quality aluminium beavertail design.

“More and more customers are looking at high-payload vehicles that are durable and easy to operate. We have built open vehicles for customers like Apollo Accident Repair Group (as featured at the Tow Show) and Enclosed Vehicles on the same chassis for customers such as Bespoke Handling. Designing a vehicle to precisely suit the customers requirements is what we feel we do best, and with these vehicles we know we have an excellent showcase for what we do” added Phil.

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Watch our video from last year.

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