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What do commercial vehicle body builders do?


What do commercial vehicle body builders do?

If you’re searching for a new commercial vehicle for your fleet, particularly a bespoke vehicle, you’ve probably come across the term commercial vehicle body builders more than once. But what do commercial vehicle bodybuilders do?

Commercial vehicle body builders

Although it may sound like an obscure and niche area, commercial vehicle body builders are an integral part of the process for producing vehicles specifically for commercial use – the experienced hands that build commercial vehicles.

A specialist field requiring lots of skill and patience, often commercial vehicle body builders are not only trained to build new commercial vehicles from scratch, but are also experienced in converting vehicles and repairing used commercial vehicles, too.

Tools & workshops of commercial vehicle body builders

Body builders are often skilled in fabricating and welding; building metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling pieces together.

They also use specific tools to help them go about their work – various air tools such as drills and grinders.

Often, commercial vehicle body building workshops are large warehouse-like spaces that not only house the machinery and tools necessary to do the work, but also the vehicles being worked on – where more than one vehicle will be repaired or built at any one time.

The AKFS workshop

At AKFS, our skilled commercial vehicle body builders within our workshop specialise in converting vehicles – our workshop forming the central point of our business; allowing us not only to build high quality commercial and special vehicles built without compromise, but also to convert commercial vehicles – providing businesses working tirelessly in a range of different sectors with the bespoke special vehicles you need to fit your exact requirements.

Commercial vehicle conversions we provide via our workshop include:

  • Dropsides
  • Roof-mounted lights
  • Spring assisted tailgates
  • Removable caged sides
  • Storage lockers
  • Helper ramps

Depending on the type of commercial vehicle you need.

For more information about the types of special vehicle conversions we offer, contact us today.

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