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What’s the best commercial van to buy?


What’s the best commercial van to buy?

A common question with fleet managers and business owners, particularly given the sheer amount of choice on the current commercial vehicle market, here we’ll look at what’s the best commercial van to buy?

What’s the best commercial van to buy?

Typically not the easiest question to answer, the best commercial van to buy really depends on the kind of vehicle you need; what industry you specialise in, how you’ll use your vehicle, and how often.

A commercial van for construction, for example, would be very different to one used in the traffic management sector, owing to the differing uses and requirements.

Best commercial van to buy by industry

Traffic management: commercial vans for the traffic management industry have to be agile and versatile; they need to confidently and easily navigate both inner-city environments and suburban terrains.

Construction: a particularly demanding industry, the majority of commercial vans for construction include bespoke conversions. Why? Because they don’t just carry staff from one construction site to another; they provide much needed facilities to workers on site throughout the day, such as wash stations and toilets.

Passenger transport: a slightly more niche requirement for commercial vans but still incredibly relevant, those vans used to move people from A to B are most likely to be accessible; passenger lifts, removable seats and wheelchair restraints are often necessary for the safe and secure transport of disabled passengers and those with restricted mobility.

Best commercial van by brand

There are lots of different vehicle brands that offer or specialise in commercial vans, and each one is different, offering different qualities such as:

  • Miles per gallon (MPG)
  • Engine size
  • Rear or front wheel drive

So it really depends what’s most important to your business.

If you’re driving long distances frequently, a commercial van offering a high MPG is going to give you the greatest return, for example.

Bespoke commercial vans

Often, investing in a bespoke commercial vehicle can be the most sensible option for a business, and here’s why.

Purchasing a bespoke commercial van allows you to achieve the exact commercial vehicle you need for the tasks at hand; providing practical solutions to your vehicle needs.

To discuss your commercial vehicle needs, contact us today.

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