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Wheelchair accessible vehicle conversions


Wheelchair accessible vehicle conversions

Safely and securely transferring passengers with restricted mobility – elderly passengers and those with disabilities – is an incredibly important consideration for any business specialising in passenger transport and wheelchair accessible vehicle conversions can help.

Ensuring passengers, particularly wheelchair users, are not only able to get on and off any wheelchair accessible vehicle with ease, but also to enjoy their journey in comfort and safety, involves more than simply installing a ramp and conversions are often unique to individual circumstances.

What wheelchair accessible vehicle conversions are available?

Depending on what you need a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) to do, there are a multitude of different conversions you can invest in. So, what’s available?

Popular wheelchair accessible vehicle conversion include:

Tracked floors – a tracked floor enables you to easily and quickly adjust a position of your seating to accommodate a wheelchair.

Wheelchair restraints – a wheelchair restraint is a set of specialised straps that secure a wheelchair onto the floor of a wheelchair accessible vehicle, ensuring the passenger remains safely in place within their wheelchair.

Removable seats – these separate completely from a vehicle, allowing you to make space for a wheelchair whenever necessary.

Passenger lifts and ramps – having a passenger lift or ramp is a legal requirement for any WAV, and there are lots of different types on a market; passenger lifts and ramps allow any passenger either using a wheelchair or with restricted mobility to access the vehicle without navigating any steps.

As well as the most common, and therefore popular, conversions, businesses specialising in passenger transport may also consider more advanced conversion options, depending on things like how often you are required to transport wheelchair users.

Advanced/additional wheelchair conversions include:

Electric winch – if you choose to install a ramp rather than a passenger lift, you may want to accompany said ramp with an electric winch, which will help you raise and lower a ramp without any manual lifting.

With so many options available, selecting the right wheelchair accessible vehicle conversions that will fit your unique requirements for years to come may seem difficult, even impossible, at times but speaking to an experienced professional before making any decisions is always advised.

At Advanced KFS, our team of friendly professionals have over 30 years experience in the field of specialist vehicle conversions, and are always happy to answer any questions you may have about any of a vehicle conversions we offer.

So, contact us today to discuss your options.

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