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AVT Logistics have ordered their 8th KFS beavertail


AVT Logistics have ordered their 8th KFS beavertail


Based in Stoke on Trent, AVT have established themselves as a well-respected vehicle Logistics company in not only the midlands but throughout the UK. Having invested heavily in both vehicles and IT software/hardware in the last 18 months, which has resulted in all drivers now using the latest handheld ebon daces palm tops, which allows both the dealer and AVT office staff to receive real time information reference deliveries and collections.

With a fleet of 12 trucks which vary in size from the 3.5 ton KFS Ultras, to 2 car, and covered 7.5 ton vehicles, AVT have the ability to move any car or motorbike efficiently and quickly.

The KFS Ultra has proved the ideal tool for AVT, having tried alternative and cheaper options. The predominantly Fiat Ducato based trucks offer by far the best payload capability, have proved robust with very little down time, and even with high mileage on still demand exceptional residual values.

William Beech (Managing Director) commented, We have found the KFS Ultra to be a fantastic tool for us, its carrying capabilities, means we can move 95% of all we are asked to deliver on them, and when we have occasionally been involved in a road side check by VOSA, the inspectors believing they have a vehicle which is seriously overloaded, are amazed that the truck is within its 3.5 ton gross.

We have a 2010 plated truck that has covered over 250,000 miles, and averages between 28 & 32 MPG depending on the driver. Other than scheduled servicing at 30,000 miles, which is a big bonus, and the replacement of a clutch the vehicle other than fuel and tyres has not cost me a penny.

I think some companies are suspicious of the Fiat and chassis combination offered by KFS believing the more traditional rear wheel drive Mercedes or Transit type product will prove more durable and deliver better whole life costs, but in my experience at 3.5 that is just not the case.

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